You can’t turn on the television without seeing that man with a bushy mustache and shiny blue shirt hugging his pillow. That’s Mike Lindell, Inventor, Manufacturer, and CEO of  My Pillow. I think I see about 34 of those commercials a day. Really, how good can a pillow seriously be? So I decided to get one to find out, and got my own.

Mike Lindell, creator of My Pillow. Credit:

Mike Lindell, creator of My Pillow.        Credit:












The following are my top five reasons you should get My Pillow:


It’s damn comfy. I’ve tried all sorts of pillows, many claim to help with back pain, and offer enough support throughout the night. Fine. But if it’s not comfortable, what’s the point? The first night I slept on My Pillow, I drifted to dreamland so easily because I was surrounded by comfy-ness.

Credit: GettyImages/Nazra Zahri/690361110

Credit: GettyImages/Nazra Zahri/69036111

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