Dave Chappelle is easily one of the most recognizable celebs in on the planet. Which is why this story is so hard to fathom.

Believe it or not LeBron and The Cavs blowing a 21 point halftime lead to the Isaiah Thomas-less Boston Celtics was NOT the most shocking thing that happened in game 3 of the NBA Eastern Conference Finals Sunday night.

That honor came at the fingertips of whoever was running the NBA Twitter account and decided to send out this tweet of Amy Schumer…

If we really want to give the poor NBA Twitter manager the benefit of the doubt you could argue that they were wrote this in an “ironic” ” sarcastic” way. The problem is irony and sarcasm don’t always translate well on Twitter. At all. As a result you get the Twitterverse immediately jumping all over the NBA for their lack of Chappelle respect.

It’s very likely this could have also been an overly savvy internet troll running the NBA Twitter. In which case I have to bow and applaud you for a job well done.

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