It’s March. Sure, the days are getting longer, the calendar is moving toward spring, and we’re looking forward to putting our winter coats away for a while. But this time of year, there are pretty much only two things on our mind: St. Patrick’s Day, and how much beer we’re going to drink on St. Patrick’s Day.

When it comes to holidays, St. Patrick’s Day is hard to beat. There’s a merry spirit in the air. Everyone is wearing festive colors. We gather with friends and family and forget the trivial fights we’ve been having with all of them. It’s like Spring Christmas. We’re not really sure if anyone actually calls it that, but it has a nice ring to it, right?

And this year, St. Patrick’s Day has an especially Christmas-y vibe because Guinness (aka St. Patrick’s Day Santa) is bringing everyone a gift none of us will ever forget.

You see, over at Guinness, they don’t just kick their feet up, pump out the classic brews we all know and love, and call it a day. No, they’re constantly finding ways to bring new flavors and recipes to beer drinkers across the world. So it should come as no surprise that back in December, some of their brewers got together and made a small batch of a Rye Pale Ale.

Now, true to their giving spirit, the brew was meant to just be a gift for the brewers’ colleagues, friends, and family. But everyone loved it so much, they put it on tap at the brewery. And when the rave reviews came in, a true Spring Christmas/St. Patrick’s Day Miracle occurred: Guinness decided to move the Rye Pale Ale to production and let all of us share in the joy it brought to those who drank it.

Just look at that picture up above. That glass holds a beautifully amber brew with citrus and orange aromas that, when sipped, leads with a delightful caramel flavor, carries through with a mid-hoppy bitterness, and finishes sweet, malty, and distinctly bready (it is a Rye beer, after all).

Now, with Spring Christmas/St. Patrick’s Day right around the corner, Guinness is obviously going to be your first choice for beers. But now your dilemma will be which Guinness to drink first! Personally, we’re not ones to look a gift beer in the foam. So while we’ll mix in a Nitro IPA or Blonde American Lager, we’ll be telling our bartenders to start us off with a Guinness Rye Pale Ale.

And if you love Spring Christmas as much as we do, you’ll tell your bartender the same exact thing.

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