Saturday was my first time ever stepping foot inside the PEZ Visitor Center in Orange.

I’ve lived in Connecticut for almost five years now. I am definitely aware that a sugary dream factory exists so close to where I live and work everyday. The PEZ Factory billboard on 95 stares me in the face at least five times a week. I guess I’ve always thought “eh, I’ll do it another day. It’s not like PEZ is GOING anywhere.” (Which considering the current climate of companies in Connecticut is an attitude I probably shouldn’t have). Do recent residents of Orlando feel this way about Disney? I’m guessing no.

Turns out, all I needed was a few free hours to kill on a Saturday afternoon combined with my niece visiting for the weekend to see all of what this glorious candy haven known as PEZ headquarters had to offer.

Pez Lobby

I’ll be honest, I’m kind of upset with myself for waiting this long. It’s super fun, only five bucks, and quick enough that you can be in and out in 30-45 minutes. Although if you are a nerd for nostalgia, collectibles, or just seeing the world’s largest PEZ dispenser that actually works, you may find yourself spending hours inside.

I can now say, as a Connecticut resident, that I finally visited the PEZ Factory. Which I’m sure my dentist will not be too happy about after all the sugar I consumed on Saturday. Worth it!

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