Who wants MONEY?  If you wanna throw a couple bucks at your local gas  attendant, be sure to pick up a couple of Powerball tickets.  Because it’s one of the biggest in game history.

Since no one won Saturday’s drawing (20-24-26-35-49 PB: 19,) the prize grew to a whopping $430 million.  The 8th largest of all time.

Which, knowing the rules of the game, will only get bigger as drawing day nears.  So, you have two days to watch the money pit brew to an even larger scale.

Sure, we probably won’t see it amass to the record-shattering billion dollar jackpot.  But it could surely reach half the amount by Wednesday.  You just gotta believe.

CT Post reports that, should you win the whole Powerball shebang, you get to walk home $273.4 million richer.  Which, as mentioned above, could be more depending on ticket sales between now and Wednesday.

Besides, Connecticut needs to have a jackpot winner.  Enough of those cute grandparents from Florida and California hogging all the glory.  I want someone from Connecticut to win this time around.

Specifically… me.  What?  I got student loans and a mortgage to pay off.

It doesn’t matter that the odds currently weight in at one in 292.2 million.

But, I have a good feeling about the next jackpot winner being a Nutmegger.  Because Saturday’s drawing yielded 33,665 winning tickets – but none of the prizes surpassed $200.  Most winners earned between $14 and $4 bucks.

So, considering that our state’s total winnings kinda sucked this weekend, one can only assume we’ll get the big daddy on Wednesday.

If there’s no winner… then Saturday.  You get the drift.

So, start dreaming and grab yourself a lottery ticket.  It’s totally Connecticut’s turn for a big jackpot winner!

And, if it’s not me who walks home with the cash, I certainly hope it’s you.  But, real talk, if you want to keep your sanity, pick out a lawyer to represent you and collect the money on your behalf, so you can keep your privacy.

Unless if you want third cousins and high school classmates knocking on your door, that’s cool too.

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