Is this possibly a real thing? I’m not normally the person to pass gossip along, especially when I can’t confirm or deny it, but this seems to be gaining some steam.  We should address it.  I’ve had a few different women mention to me that this is becoming a serious issue in a local Connecticut wealthy town.

The problem with drunk New Canaan moms.

Normally having a few cocktails or twelve is fine as long as you’re not:

a. Driving

b. Responsible for the well-being of your children at that moment.

That line has been crossed in New Canaan and from what I understand it happens often.  While Westport mothers have the reputation of being dressed head to toe in Lululemon and spending their mornings at the local cycling studio, New Canaan moms are going in a different direction from the gym- straight to the bar.  I call them “Women that Lunch” and it’s a phrase I’ve used to describe the mothers that aren’t in the workforce that put their kids on the bus, go home and shower, then proceed to meet other “Women that Lunch” out at local restaurants.  It’s usually accompanied by a few glasses of white wine, and for the brave, a few martinis.  The problem lies when these women then get into their cars and head to the school pick up line to claim their children.  Stating the obvious, driving while under the influence and being responsible for a child are a clear violation of the two rules mentioned earlier.

Last Thursday another unnamed  woman was arrested for driving under the influence and trying to pick up their child at South School.  This isn’t the first arrest of this nature in New Canaan.  Just do some googling and a slew of similar stories pop up.  Moms showing up drunk to pick up their kids from school.

Like I stated earlier, I can’t believe this is a thing.  Be like the rest of us and wait to pound your Pinot Grigio after the kids are safely in bed for the night like a respectable mom.  (I kid… Kind of.)

Be careful New Canaan, Westport has a new prime-time television show making fun of their mothers- I’m relatively certain you don’t want to have a show created about this issue.


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