I was chowing down on a chicken cutlet wrap at Park Lane Deli in Milford when two books on the counter caught my eye:




Imagine my surprise when I found out that these two cool beer books are written and created by Connecticut residents.  Oh, and their office happens to be next door to the deli.  How convenient.  I contacted (and by contacted, I mean stalked) Dan DiSorbo. He and his partner Ben Applebaum are a multi-talented duo doing things like writing books about beer and farts.  PB and J Design is another company Dan works at that acts as a full service creative firm.  From branding to company packaging, PB and J Design has you covered.  But the fun stuff is what these guys do on the side- They develop their own brands of beer nonsense.

It started with Beer Pong.  They knew Beer Pong would be big, so they developed and created a prototype for a Beer Pong kit.  They pitched the idea to a manufacturing packaging company and their line of Beer Pong tools was born.  The first product including two racks to set up the cups correctly, balls and cups.  Not your red Solo cups, but specially designed cups with their logo and fill lines so you could never “over/under pour” your cup.


A the 2010 “NACS Show” (which is a huge trade-show convention held each year that brings together convenience and fuel retailing industry professionals), they beat out companies like Monster Energy Drink to win the coveted “Cool New Product of the Year”.

So Beer Pong is a big hit- Now you can buy it in stores like CVS and other regular convenience stores- so what’s next?  A Beer Pong book of course.  There needs to be official rules.  Dan and Ben took about six-nine months to write “The Book of Beer Pong”.  They worked alongside the editors of the publishing company Chronicle Books, which is the largest independent book distributer in the nation.  They estimate that they’ve sold between 30-40,000 of those educational pieces.  They didn’t stop there- Next came “The Book of Beer Awesomeness” and “The Fart Tootorial”.  They’ve spotted their books for sale in places like Barnes and Noble, Spencers and everywhere in between.

I envision their Milford office to resemble a frat house with kegs at every turn and pong tables lining the halls- but sadly, that’s not the case… anymore.  I have a feeling that these guys still drink a ton of beer though.

I want to thank them for creating the “The Book of Beer Pong”- I would get so aggravated when people would argue over the last cup rules and now an official guide exists.  Thank you Gentlemen, thank you.

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