UPDATED: Just a few hours after we posted this article, look what the New York Times reported…

Last night, as I’m sitting down to relax for the evening, I turn on Channel 3 WFSB. It’s 6:30pm, so it’s time for the CBS Evening News. The top stories yesterday were politics (of course), the economic crisis in Detroit, and the Zika virus.

Truthfully, I wasn’t terrified of the Zika virus because we’re in Connecticut. However, the top story of last night’s CBS Evening News was the Zika virus in Connecticut!!

Yep – the mosquito that’s been carrying Zika (Aedes aegypti) could be coming to Connecticut – but that’s not the mosquito we generally see in Connecticut.

Now they’ve found it in Aedes albopictus (better known as the much cooler-named Asian tiger mosquito), which is common in Connecticut:

Get ready – mosquito season starts in June.

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