They’re not exactly the type of show that shies away from pop culture. Actually, the Simpsons are always front and center with this type of thing. So, with Yale dealing with increased demands from their “offended” students, the Simpsons just couldn’t stay quiet.

And, of course, the show had a lot to say about the rise of SJWs on college campuses. Honestly, this episode was a long time coming.

So, who else to take on the recent snowflake phenomenon other than crusty nuclear-loving old Mr. Burns?

There’s one thing colleges love more than appeasing their students. That thing is money. So, when Mr. Burns arrives at his Alma Mater to write a sizable check to create the department of nuclear plant management, those interests collide in the most hilarious way possible.

Complete with Mr. Burns being “peed on” by Handsome Dan.

Check out the clip before YouTube makes it disappear forever:

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