In an increasingly crazy world that’s full of horrible stories like idiot protesters gumming up traffic, and soccer moms trying to figure out “how to talk to their children about Deflategate“, it’s about goddamn time we got some good news.

Coming at some point later next month, Frito-Lay’s Cheetos brand will roll out Cheetos Sweetos — a cinnamon, sugar puff snack that’s reminiscent of Taco Bell’s delicious Cinnamon Twists.

This is big news people, because Sweetos are the first sweet snack that Cheetos has cranked out in the brand’s 67-year history! “This is not a short-term strategy,” says Jeff Klein, vice president of brand marketing for Frito-Lay North America. “We are looking for growth outside of the cheese puff segment.” A 7-ounce bag of Sweetos, dusted in brown speckles, will fetch $3.49. Frito-Lay is looking into other sweet Cheetos flavor options, but Klein declined to name or describe them for competitive reasons.

Now I dunno about you, but I’m ALL-IN on these Sweetos treats. There’s no chance in hell that they’re not going to be great, simply because they’re essentially going to be like eating a bigger, more sugary version of the world’s greatest cereal-Cinnamon Toast Crunch.

Sweetos, I await you with bated breath!

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