The Dave Matthews Band has announced it’s 2015 Summer tour dates. They are coming back to Hartford, but for only one night! Many fans are used to going on a two night bender listening to their favorite band, but not this year. However, the Dave Matthews Band will be putting on two separate sets that night. (Yes the Dave Matthews BAND, it’s not just Dave you nutty stoners!)

Some are disappointed with the news, while others are taking it in stride. As a whole Hartford may want to consider this a bad thing. The band brings in huge crowds, fills up hotel rooms and the fans buy up all the pot and booze in the metro area for an entire weekend. Knocking that down to one day will surely affect the economy. On the flipside Hartford residents will only have to deal with ransacked parking lots and tons of litter (strange because DMB fans claim to be new age hippies…) for one night. Weighing the two sides I say this is a disappointing development. It’s one more sign of Hartford’s down-spiraling economy, and we need to take notice.

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