Connecticut is constantly being compared to other states for its taxes.  Comes with the territory of being the “richest state” in America.

So, we mostly see a mixed bag of good and bad findings.

Today, this news all depends on if you see the glass as half empty or full when it comes to the IRS.

We may have one of the highest tax burdens in the nation, but now we boast of having the highest tax returns.

Ignitespot, an accounting service, found that the average tax return in the state of Connecticut is $3,217.71.  Nevada is 2nd best, with an average tax return of $3,192.43.

So, this means two things.

#1.  Nutmeggers receive a the biggest check from the IRS every year

#2. Nutmeggers give the government the biggest interest-free loans

Or we can go with secret option #3.  Maybe it’s time for us Nutmeggers to update our W-4s.

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