We almost made it. It was already late August. Summer was basically over. It looked like we might cross the finish line of mosquito season without a human case of West Nile.

But then, NBC Connecticut reported that we may have been close, but we were oh so far.

According to the report, a Milford resident in his or her 70’s had to remain hospitalized after being treated for encephalitis because they found he had the disease. It added that he had not been outside of the state prior to becoming infected, so we know it was a local mosquito.

The real rub here is that apparently Connecticut has had at least one human case of West Nile every year since 1999. That’s the better part of two decades!

And this was really looking like the year! Summer is the time for mosquitos and it really looked like we were going to end the streak. Labor Day, the unofficial ending of summer, just passed and was literally right there when this guy got diagnosed.

But it wasn’t meant to be. 2016 is just another year, like the rest of them. Let’s hope that 2017 is the year we finally break the streak.

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