Last week, we shared a survey about the Top Most Respected Jobs. Many people were up in arms because they found out that what they did for a living wasn’t really respected by their peers. Oh well, my profession didn’t make the list either.

But, here’s a new one, about the top jobs where it’s people drink more coffee than anyone else. So, maybe you’re on this list?? Which means you work super hard and need to stay energized and focused. Or you are lazy and take too many coffee breaks.

10,000 people who work full-time jobs were surveyed, and it was found that 85% drink at least THREE CUPS of coffee a day.  70% say they’re work performance would be down if they weren’t able to drink coffee. Here are the top professions that consume the most amount of coffee:

1. Journalists and media types

2. Cops

3. Teachers

4. Plumbers

5. Nurses and medical staff

6. Executives

7. Telemarketers

8. IT workers

9. Retail staff

10. Drivers


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