The Harris Poll released a new survey highlighting the top 10 professions that people respect the most. This list apparently has been coming out every year for 80 years…and I guarantee nothing has changed.

 1.  Doctor,  88%

Unless you are affiliated with Joan Rivers or Michael Jackson

2.  Officer in the military, 78%

And they look so damn good in uniform

3.  Firefighter, 76%

Ohh yeaa, I think I just have a thing for uniforms

4.  Scientist, 76%


5.  Nurse, 70%

What guys doesn’t have naughty nurse fantasies. I keep forgetting this list is about respect. Sorry

6.  Engineer, 69%

It just sounds intimidating. When I meet someone and they tell me they’re an engineer, I immediately break down and can’t think of anything smart to say

7.  Police officer, 66%

Criminals don’t think so

8.  Religious figure, like a priest, 62%

I know you’re thinking of a Catholic school boy joke

9.  Architect, 62%

Hey Mike Brady–what do you think of your profession being one of the top 10 most respected?

10.  Professional athlete, 60%

Sans Ray Rice, OJ, Aaron Hernandez, Lance Armstrong, Manti Te’o, Tiger Woods, Mark “Gator” Rogowski, Jose Canseco….ahhh there are tooooo many! 

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