A new nationwide survey done by YouGov highlights American hygiene…or lack there of. How many of these do you do?

1.  Peeing everywhere but the toilet

62% peed in the shower  –  36% in a swimming pool — 19% in the street with 6% of street-pee’ers being women


2.  You are stinky

2/3 of people shower at least once a day and 19% shower once every two days — 8% once every three or four days  — 4% once a week  —  1% less than once a week  —  and 2% NEVER shower


3. I ain’t sayin she a gold digger…well, 42% are

42% of people picked their noses this past year  — 46% of men and 37% of women

4. Professional Cropdusters

36% farted in public this past year — 41% of men and 30% of women

 5. I would dump an entire bucket of popcorn on your head if it didn’t just cost me $17.50

35% talk during a movie — 28% of men and 42% of women.



6. I can smell what you had for breakfast

25% burp loud enough for others to here  — 28% of men and 23% of women (look how close the women are to men on this one)


7. I need to get this saliva out of my body NOW

23% spit in the street  — 35% of men and 11% of women.

8. Just put it in your pocket for now

9% of people littered


9. Just sharpening my teeth

5% cut their fingernails or toenails in public

 10. LIES

 8% deny doing anything gross

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