I suck at baking, maybe because it requires measuring and thinking and being precise with ingredients. That’s why for Thanksgiving, I’ll never make my family pretend to like something I bake when it can just be bought and be delicious.

There are a ton of amazing places to get pie in CT–here are my top 6 in no particular order.


– Lyman Orchards in Middlefield: especially for their apple pie. Nice and simple.


–  Ovens of France in Woodbury: especially their twist on pecan pie made with walnuts. I know it’s not pie, but they also make the best carrot cake I’ve ever eaten.


–  Oronoque Farms in Shelton: I like their cream pies, like the pumpkin chiffon


Michele’s Pies in Norwalk: Amazing pumpkin pies and fruit pies


Bishop’s Orchards in Guilford: They make a great apple pie too!


– Sixpence Pie Company in Southington: They also have unique and tasty savory pies, but their banana cream is pretty great!

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