Everyday we forget about 4 things–including facts, items or events. That seems low, because I forget about 4 things a minute. Well a study has been conducted on this subject, and researchers conducted the top things people forget every year.

Here are the TOP TEN most forgotten things: 

1.  The reason for entering a room

Maybe if I walk out, and walk back in again I’ll remember



2.  Location of the keys 

And I’m already running late for work



3.  Things you wanted to buy at the grocery store 

This is why I shouldn’t have thrown out my Talk Boy Pen Recorder


4.  People’s names after you meet them

And how do you spell your name? Ohhh….I just wanted to make sure you spelled Tom with a ‘T’


5.  Where you put your pen

WHO STOLE MY PEN–I really liked that one too. 


6.  Taking meat out to defrost

stupid, stupid, stupid


7.  To respond to an email

Sorry for the delay, I was on vacation in Antarctica and had absolutely no access to email


8.  To mail something

I mean, the post office hours just do not mesh with my schedule


9.  What you wanted to search for online

Totally just got sidetracked watching 2.5 hours of cute puppy videos


10.  Where you parked your car

Panic button, Panic Button


Check out entire list here

Top Image: (c) iStock/Thinkstock

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