There have been a ton of CT road rage incidents making news lately.

Yesterday, according to the CT POST, a guy from Bridgeport was trying to cut in front of a 66 year old woman from Derby from the right shoulder. She refused to let him in. So, he gave her the finger then threw hot coffee at her through her open passenger window.


Okay…I’m not saying throwing hot coffee on someone is justified, but let’s try to analyze the facts given, because I’m thinking she is at fault here too:


1. The article mentions he was trying to cut in front of her from the right shoulder by exit 26 on 95 in Bridgeport. There is no mention of this, but what if he was merging on from exit 26 — or getting out of an exit-only lane from exit 27A. That area gets extremely congested with all the exits and on-ramps.

2. It’s obviously rush hour and slow moving traffic if he was able to get close enough to her to throw a cup of coffee through her passenger window–and have enough momentum to hit her with it. If it’s so slow, swallow your pride and let him in. Maybe it was the last possible second to merge into traffic (which is irritating) but deal with it, because it’s just as bad when you block someone on purpose.  And if he has enough time to throw coffee through a window, you have enough time to let off your gas to let him in front of you.

3. It’s was a 66 year old getting the coffee thrown on her. I’m sorry, I know 66 is not considered elderly, but she’s shaking hands with 70. She’s probably just an awful almost elderly driver.


Either way, she wasn’t hurt and it’s better he got rid of his coffee…the man did not need anymore stimulants in his system.

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