2013 will go down in the history books as the year the entire universe became obsessed with kale and the ability to ruin your child’s life the second they’re born. Whether or not kale is actually as good for you as everyone seems to claim is still up for debate — most people have stopped caring anyway. 20 years from now people will either a) not know what kale is or b) live off nothing but it. No matter what the future holds for it there are 260+ poor, disappointed babies that will forever be known as “Kale”.

But Kale, which apparently is a boys name (is it?), isn’t the weirdest of the weird names of 2013. Check out these terrible names and just how many of them exist:



Vanellope, 63

Burklee, 10

Pistol, 9

Happiness, 8

Pemberley, 8

Envie, 7

Prim, 7

Rarity, 7

Avaa, 6

Charlemagne, 6

Kinzington, 6

Prezlee, 6

Ransom, 5

Rebelle, 5

Sierraleone, 5

Siqi, 5

Snowy, 5

Temprince, 5



Rydder, 10

Jceion, 10

Hatch, 8

Tuf, 8

Lloyal, 7

Psalms, 7

Xzaiden, 7

Charger, 6

Forever, 6

Kyndle, 6

Power, 6

Warrior, 6

Gospel, 5

Kaptain, 5

Subaru, 5

Vice, 5


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