The Universe is an immense place. It is so large, that we cannot possibly believe that humans are the only intelligent life out there. And while that feeling is simultaneously weird, comforting, and terrifying, we really haven’t had to deal with it yet.

Or have we?

As far as science is concerned, we haven’t had contact with any intelligent life forms that weren’t from Earth. But if you ask your weird neighbor Jimmy, you’ll probably get a very different story.

And apparently, Connecticut is full of weird neighbor Jimmy’s. Just look at this Ridgefield Patch report about all the UFO sightings in our state. 10 sightings in December? 75 sightings all of last year? Three on Christmas Eve alone?

This is honestly the stuff we don’t know whether to laugh at or believe in. On the one hand, there’s no denying that UFOs exist. If you see an object flying in the sky and it is unidentifiable, you have yourself a UFO. The real question is whether those UFOs are alien.

The odds say that at least one or two of them over the course of human existence were alien and we just didn’t realize. The odds also say that 99% of the ones listed in the Patch report are just drunk people forgetting what planes look like.

Nevertheless, Connecticut has been full of weird stuff lately and we can’t rule anything out. Heck, it’s been less than a month since a loud boom literally shook homes in Southington, Cheshire, Wolcott, and Waterbury and officials still haven’t figured out what that was all about. Who’s to say it wasn’t some alien craft landing? Who’s to say that’s not the sound we hear when someone is abducted? Who’s to say Jimmy isn’t actually the smartest guy you know?

We’re serious about all of those questions (except the Jimmy thing, he’s a nutbag). And until we can start getting some answers about all the booms and weird lights in the sky, we can’t take anything off the table. In fact, just get it over with and change the Welcome to Connecticut sign to “Welcome to Connecticut: The New Area 51.”

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