There was a time that the Honeyspot road area off exit 31 on 95 in Stratford used to be a complete desert. Just old abandoned factories and nothing around. Until about five years ago when a palm tree emerged that we all now know as Two Roads Brewing. It wasn’t a mirage either. Since 2012 Two Roads has built itself into one of the largest beer brands in the country.

Recently another palm tree showed up directly across the street from Two Roads called PizzaCo Pizza Station.

The best part about PizzaCo (besides the obvious delicious pies) is the atmosphere of the place. Anyone can make a tasty slice but it’s the overall experience during your meal that really takes a place like PizzaCo to the next level.

The building is actually a real vintage gas station garage which is super cool. Their pizza is “garage-fired” in an Italian built brick oven. The actual bricks in their Marra Forni oven are from the foot of Italy’s Mount Vesuvius! Crazy!

They went all out with the design of this place. Inside and out. The minute you walk in. The smells, attention to detail on the walls, to the music, to the people, you immediately get that sensation of “Oh yes, I’m going to hang out here for hours. This is everything I want.”

You can’t go wrong ordering at a place like this but here are some of the “must try’s” on the menu that will blow your mind.






They also do take-out if you don’t have the time to sit down and stay. They will even run your pie right up to your bar stool across the street at Two Roads if you are over there. Which is super fun and convenient. Full service!
The next time you find yourself starving while driving by Honeyspot Road in Stratford stop by PizzaCo for a fun delicious hang.

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