Connecticut State Police brought Christmas to Connecticut Children’s Medical Center.  For the 20th year, troopers played Santa to those too sick to spend the holidays at home.

NBC Connecticut says State Police collected thousands of presents this year through their annual “Stuff-A-Cruiser” toy drive.  All last week, officers braved the cold and stood outside several Toys R Us locations to collect donations.  Overall, they raised thousands of dollars in both cash and toys this year.

Trooper First Class James Nolting told NBC, “We stand out in the cold, the rain, the sunshine, whatever it is, at the toy stores and it’s just thousands of people coming in and out.”

Officers have started delivering toys (along with high-fives and fist bumps) to the children at CCMC.   The majority of gifts will go to kids brought to the emergency room.

Nolting added, “To be able to provide them with a gift and our support and let them know that we’re here for them, it’s just a good thing overall.”

Check out the official video and try your best not to tear up.  Spoilers: you will cry.

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