There can’t possibly be a bigger Connecticut stereotype than this. A man dressed like he’s going to the country club has been breaking into unlocked garages, stealing golf clubs and taking off in his Lexus.

I grew up in small town Connecticut. The amount of times I left my house completely unlocked are countless. My dad was the only one in my family who thought this was a problem, mind you he’s way more aware that people can just wander in your house and kill you, rob you, etc.

There are now a ton of break-ins in my hometown. I’m assuming word got out that the entire town of Guilford is unlocked and ready for the taking. Cars disappear from driveways. TVs just lost and gone. But do I still leave the front door unlocked fully aware that some thug can get in? You bet!

So the notion of people in Glastonbury leaving their garages wide open – sure, why not? (Somewhere my dad is shouting about chipmunks.)

But this guy who is dressed like a character out of Caddyshack? Come on. You’re driving off in a Lexus. You’re literally wearing all the appropriate gear – polo shirt, windbreaker, khaki pants and dress shoes (I’m sure your golf cleats are in the car). You can be better than this.


Anyone with information on the thefts is urged to call Glastonbury police at 860-652-4269.

NBC Connecticut | photo (c)

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