Armwrestling is something I only picture in some Roadhouse knockoff or taking place in a drunken blur at 2 a.m. But apparently, there is a World Armwrestling League and that Armwrestling League has been broadcast on ESPN. Let’s assume this is ESPN Ocho.

According to WALUnderground, pro arm-wrestlers from ESPN’s World Armwrestling League are set to descend on New Haven this Saturday, December 5, at the league’s 50 State Championship Series. Possibly the beefiest men and women in the state, formally called pullers, will converge at Trinity Bar and Restaurant on Orange Street at 1 p.m.

The winner earns an automatic bye into the regional qualifying stage of the WAL’s 2016 season, along with TV time on ESPN and their own shot at thousands in prize money.

This will by far be the most entertaining thing happening this weekend. And if you need more incentive to go and watch people tear each other’s arms apart, Game of Thrones fans will appreciate this video of WAL champion Devon Larratt take on The Mountain, who if you remember is huge.

Simply amazing.

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