Excuse me. How in the world can a “World’s Best” lobster roll competition leave out the greatest contender of all time?  You know, the state that actually INVENTED the lobster roll?  Because that’s what happened.

NBC Connecticut reports that a supremely biased roundup supposedly named 12 restaurants that have the world’s best lobster rolls.

Problem is… 9 out of 12 finalists are in Maine.  The roundup…?  Also based in Maine.  So, you can see just how legitimate this whole thing is.

Sure, Maine makes delicious lobster rolls.  There’s a reason why you know the term Maine lobster.  They created a fine reputation for themselves.  But, they don’t have the monopoly.  Not by a long shot.

Because there’s only one way to serve a lobster roll: with hot butter and a toasted/steamed bun.  Anything else is garbage fake.

No, seriously.  I need you to think about this.  A roll filled with cold lobster and mayo is technically lobster salad. What makes tuna, chicken, and seafood salad?  MAYO.  And the meat being 100% COLD.

So, how in the world can you serve cold lobster with mayo in a hot dog bun and call it a roll?  You can’t.  Unless if you’re in denial.

Bam.  I rest my case.

So, I’d say Maine made a glaring error with their latest roundup by turning their back on what a true lobster roll is.  Which, by the way, Connecticut invented.

And by leaving Connecticut out of the semi-finals, they have lost all credibility.

A gorgeously creative restaurant named Perry’s in Milford invented the lobster roll the 1920’s.

So, the fact that Down East Magazine neglected to include any Connecticut location is an insult to the very food they’re celebrating.  Also, because most of those “best lobster rolls” are nothing more than pompous lobster salad.

Why in the world would you cover up all that succulent meat under globs of mayonnaise?  And maybe a little celery and parsley?  Gross.

Also, I need to mention that some place in Arizona and another in Utah apparently claim to have better lobster rolls than any Connecticut location.  Another reason why this list is total garbage.

Anyways, you can see these (mostly Maine-based) finalists compete for the title at the  DownEast Lobster Roll festival on July 8.

So, if you could nominate one Connecticut location for this lobster fest, who’d be your pick?  I’m asking because I love lobster and am seriously craving a roll right now.

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