Have you ever seen a headline and asked yourself “why?”  Thanks to Roadsnacks, I had that very special moment all to myself.

So, obviously, I must share this pearl of knowledge with you all.  It’s actually pretty hilarious when you sit down and think about it.

The adult entertainment industry is booming for many reasons, mostly thanks to longer work hours, stagnant wages, bad economy, and a terrible housing market.  Obviously, people need to vent a lot of frustration.  Some take off their edge by, of course, getting a little nasty.

I mean, isn’t that why the Net was born?

Anyways, Roadsnacks is back with another head turning list that might make us view our neighbors a little differently.  By tracking adult purchases by towns (with 5,000 residents or more,) and seeing who stocked up the most, they were able to compile a list of Connecticut’s kinkiest cities.   I know.  What a time to be alive.  One of life’s greatest mysteries has been solved…

Click through to see where your city fell on this list.

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