They may not be the best, but you can bet you can walk the streets at night with no issue.  Actually, they are among some of the best places to live, too.  Because it’s Fairfield County, once again, reaping the rewards of housing the state’s most affluent residents.

With great money comes great personal safety.  Or something.

Anyways, Fox61 got their hands on a new national survey that ranks the 100 safest places to live in America.  Safewise created this roundup by comparing FBI data and police statistics.  The areas were ranked on total population along with violent crime and property crimes per 1,000 people.

With that said, it turns out one of Connecticut’s towns to cracked the top 10 this year!

So, Weston is not only the safest place to live in the state, it is also the 6th safest town overall.  Yeah, they had absolutely no reported crimes last year.  Crazy to think about, huh?  The town has over 10,000 people and not one of them had a single issue.

Sign me up.

Also, another Connecticut town cracked the top 20 in the nation.  The shoreline’s secret gem, Madison, is 14th in the nation.

Wilton, Ridgefield, and Canton finished in 49th, 57th, and 85th.

Yeah, it’s pretty shocking to see Ridgefield’s sharp fall from grace.  In January, another study ranked the town the safest in Connecticut.  However, you can blame all this on the town’s very trusting residents.

Or that they really can’t stand short shorts.  True story.

So apparently, Ridgefield residents think they’re so safe, they’ll leave their cars unlocked with the keys inside.  Once word got out, though, the bad guys came running.

Turns out, Fairfield County is really struggling with this.  Although there’s worse things that could be plaguing the county, each car larceny is a strike in the books, which drastically tarnishes a town’s squeaky clean record.

In short, the people of Weston know to lock their cars while the rest of Fairfield County doesn’t.  That, or, the bad guys haven’t visited their section of Connecticut yet.

Take your pick.

Either way, being one of the 100 safest places to live is a tremendous honor.  Despite Connecticut being home to three of the most dangerous cities in the nation, it’s nice to see the good among the bad.\

Now, if only we can get those silly Fairfield County people to lock their cars…

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