Connecticut is in a full on Fradiani Frenzy! Fradiani Fever! Nick Madness!

If you haven no idea what I’m talking about I will fill you in. Nick Fradiani who is from Guilford, CT tried out for American Idol this season. He went from making it to Hollywood in the first round of auditions all the way to making the Top 11.

Connecticut has been voting like crazy since his epic Danger Zone performance last week. Which hopefully means Nick will be safe tonight and we will get another great performance from him. Tonight is 80s night on Idol so I can only imagine what Nick has up his sleeve for us.

Before this amazing run on American Idol this Season Nick was no stranger to music or the stage. His band Beach Avenue even made an appearance on America’s Got Talent and actually went pretty far.



Here are some other pre-American Idol Nick Fradiani moments that will keep our Fradiani Fever going at least until 8pm tonight.






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