Parents are hyper-aware of the dangers their kids face in this day and age.  However, that doesn’t deter kids from craving some delicious Halloween candy.  Hence the rise of Trunk-or-Treat and similar efforts.  But, nothing can beat good ol’ fashioned trick-or-treating.

CT Post identified the 10 safest town for trick-or-treating and surprising absolutely no one, Fairfield County reigned supreme.

In fact, they practically swept the top 10.   However, these statistics weren’t entirely based on FBI crime data.  CT Post also looked at census data to see how many kids at prime trick-or-treating age live in a certain area.   So, whichever area has the highest  concentration of 5 to 14-year-olds, they’re golden.

When it comes to overall child population, Fairfield County also dominates the list.   Then again, what parent wouldn’t want to live in that county when their schools continually rank among the best in the nation?

Lastly, CT Post looked at overall average temperatures in the area.  Nothing kills trick-or-treating faster than cold hands unable to grip onto the candy bucket or bag.  And, since Fairfield County hugs the most southern part of the state… yeah, no need to continue on there.

But which town came in first?  Click through to find out and let me know if you agree with these findings!

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