Here’s what we already know: Connecticut is a relatively safe place in this country. Most of its safest towns are in Fairfield County. And we consistently base our thinking about safety in Connecticut on places with names like ValuePenguin.

Today, none of that changes.

The fine folks over at ValuePenguin (yes, that’s the real name) analyzed recent FBI data to put together a ranking of the safest towns and cities in Connecticut. It will shock none of you to know that all five of the Top 5 Safest Towns in Connecticut are in Fairfield County. It will shock none of you that 4 of those 5 towns were also in the Top 5 Safest Towns in Connecticut in 2014.

The only thing that might shock you is the order in which Bridgeport, New Haven, and Hartford rounded out the bottom of the list (Hartford is the least safe, apparently).

Frankly, this list encapsulates what has always baffled me about Connecticut. For one state, our identity is so mixed and mangled that it’s hard to put a finger on what we are, exactly.

On the one hand, we are home to some of the wealthiest towns in the country. We have exclusive country clubs and ritzy waterfront properties. We once housed Donald Trump in an elaborate mansion that was apparently a pain in the ass to sell.

On the other hand, we are home to three cities that consistently rank among the most dangerous in the country. We have taxes that many citizens claim cripples their way of life and makes it hard to get by. We are home to one of Everest’s top climbers but she gets by working two jobs and making $400 a week.

While it’s nice that Easton and Redding are holding onto their titles as super safe, quaint New England towns, it’s awful hard to get excited about it when so much our state is in despair. So thanks, ValuePenguin, but let’s not go handing out any medals just yet.

(via WTNH)

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