Imagine waking up one morning and seeing a bunch of bears romping around your trampoline.  Turns out, that actually happened to one Connecticut woman.  And, luckily for us, she caught it all on video.

So, April, who lives in Avon, reportedly heard some strange sounds from her back yard.  That noise turned out to be four bear cubs having a rip-roaring good time.  Naturally, she grabbed the camera and started filming.

Looks like the bears almost had too good of s time.  I say that because they completely devastated the trampoline.  She and her kids watched in utter fascination as the toy gradually fell apart.  I mean, I doubt the material was meant to stand up against bear teeth and claws.

Sorry, kids, looks like your mom has to buy you a new one.  Here’s hoping them bears don’t come back.  But, considering those ear-tags they had, they’ll probably come back for round 2.

Let’s be real, trampolines are FUN.   So, if I happened to be a bear, I’d totally come back for another joy ride.   Look at them flipping and rolling around.  It’s probably the most fun they’ve ever had.

It’s also pretty cute how April’s kids reacted to the incident.  She says her kids aren’t even mad about it.

Actually, they said it was nice to share.   Although, I don’t think they fully realize the point of sharing.

Sharing means that, eventually, whoever borrowed your stuff will bring it back to you in one piece.  The bears didn’t share.

They took what they wanted and made sure no one else could enjoy their conquest.  I think these bears taught April’s kids a valuable life lesson: bears are jerks.  Still cute, though.

But, hey, and it’s all on video for us to enjoy.

So, I guess if you don’t want to say bye-bye to one of your kids’ favorite toys, bring ’em inside or face the consequences.

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