Oh, look who’s back disparaging Connecticut’s name.  Look no further than Wallethub to, once again, to say how insufficient we are.  Because, according to them, we have some of the worst cities in America to call home.

CT Post reports that the latest national roundup proclaims all our small cities as kryptonite for first-time home buyers.  Out of 300 of America’s small cities, all of them ranked in the bottom half for overall desirability.

Okay, I can see the logic behind some of their arguments… but claiming Bridgeport worse than CHICAGO?  Now them’s fighting words.  Forbes and Business Insider call Chicago “miserable” and “the worst American city.”

Sure, Bridgeport can wave around a bronze medal in these national studies.  But Chicago always goes for the gold.  Although, Flint made major strides over the past few years to catch up.

Basically, Wallethub compiled the list based on data on affordability, quality of life, market attractiveness, and proximity to Connecticut.

In short, none of Connecticut’s cities ranked favorably.  Waterbury, New Haven, Hartford, Bridgeport, and Stamford pretty much towed the line on this one.

Bridgeport, coming in 212th place, earned the worst score and actually came in the top five for highest real-estate taxes.  But, Bridgeport earned a favorable “quality of life score,” by coming in 25th overall.

Stamford came in 176th place while New Haven earned 181st place.  As for Hartford, it ranked 196th overall while Waterbury earned a dismal 174th place.

Again, this is out of 300 cities Wallethub studied.  So, while we didn’t come in dead last… it sure feels like it.  We had no silver lining or shining example to compare ourselves to.

But, if it helps, the study took a major dump on our neighbors up north.  They decimated poor Massachusetts.  Still, I can’t wrap my head around Quincy, MA being worse than Bridgeport?   Lynn, yes, I can see that.  But, come on, QUINCY?  My old stomping grounds came in 227th place.

So, take what you will with that small fact-nugget.

Anyways, below is the map of this latest best-of roundup.  You tell me if this list makes sense.

Source: WalletHub

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