Father’s Day is sneaky. With Mother’s Day in recent memory and our eyes turning forward to all the incredible summer plans ahead of us, the other parent holiday has a tendency to, somehow, catch us all by surprise every single year.

But not you. Not this year. In 2016, you will be the child the does right by dear old dad. You will be the one person on Facebook posing in pictures with your dad and the two giant steaks you’re making for dinner. And you will be the son or daughter who read your dad”s mind and found the perfect gift for Father’s Day.

All of that is because, this year, you’re heading to Cabela’s to get your dad the first toy that’s given him pure joy since childhood. Back then it was an Etch-A-Sketch or G.I. Joe. Now it’s a machine powering him around at 60 miles per hour with an 800 CC engine and hauling 1,000 pounds of gear. So, Soon-To-Be Best Sons and Daughters Ever, let’s take a look at your options:

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