When it comes to driving on our state highways, we know which areas will have more congestion than others.  We call these problem areas bottlenecks.  However, some areas in Connecticut managed to make the list ranking America’s worst.

Newtown Daily Voice reports that three particular bottlenecks, which they describe as “hellish,” ranked among the nation’s worst.   However, only 95 managed to make the cut.  Not even a mention or consolation prize for 15 or 84.

How this list came about is very interesting. ATRI used GPS data from truckers to create this list of the worst bottlenecks in the country.  So, mystery solved about rt. 15 not making the cut.  No trucks allowed on that highway.

So, the worst bottlenecks in the nation were in Stamford (60,) Norwalk (82,) and the Rt 8 split in Bridgeport on I-95 (89.)  Other areas in the state did make the cut, but they simply weren’t worst of the worst.

However, if you wish to know who almost made the cut, look no further than the 95/91 split in New Haven.  Also, Waterbury’s area on 84 received an honorable mention.

ATRI hopes their annual lists will help guide states and local communities to work on their problem areas.  But, unfortunately, this is Connecticut.  We’d rather cut down trees and replace our 2-year-old DOT trucks with new ones because we wanted a different color.

Then again, this list also helps truckers accurately predict how long it’ll take to drive from Point A to Point B… or, you know, tell them which areas to avoid.  That works, too.

Which, if we live in a perfect world, may eventually help relieve congestion in those problem areas.

Do you agree these “bottlenecks” indicated in this study are Connecticut’s worst?  If not, which areas would you like to nominate?



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