When I was a freshman in high school nine years ago, the Space was one of the most popular hangouts. And if you loved music, chances are you were a regular. Furthermore, if you were a local band, chances are you’ve played a few shows there as well.

However, like all good things, the Space’s time has come to an end. Yesterday, owners Steve and Jesse Rogers announced that through a Facebook post that tonight’s performance of Carbon Based and See Me For Me will be the venue’s last. They then stated that they are “transitioning into a new phase of life” by going down a “new path.”

The post then went on to state the goal of the venue was to “bring people together” and “give local bands a place to grow.” That goal was accomplished, as music has the ability to bring people together. And, having a place that you can easily access great music is the key to enjoying it.

Furthermore, the Space was a place for local artists to not only get their start, but to give them a place to play as well. Giving them a place to play can also help them generate a fan base. As a musician that can be the hardest part. However, the Space welcomed them with local arms and allowed them a chance to do what they love most.

With that being said, the Space booked more than just local acts played there. These names include Andrew W.K, Cute Is What We Aim For,. and Hawthorne Heights. And, in New Haven county, there are very few places that offer that — other than College Street Music Hall and Toad’s Place.

As the Space announced their closure last night, performers and spectators alike reflected on their experiences at the venue. Those memories made there will last far longer than when lights go out tonight. #RestinPeaceTheSpace

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