Don’t these criminals have anything better to do?  It seems that they invent a new way to be a royal pain in our butts every week.

A Connecticut woman was the victim of a high tech pickpocket and she didn’t even need to touch her card.  All she had to do was be close enough to a nifty new device that steals information out of thin air.

WTNH reports that Tracy Costantiello said she was on a flight to Florida and when she went to pay for her cocktail, she found out that her bank account had been totally emptied.   No skimmer needed.

Yep, technology has come that far.  Thieves can now steal information right out of our wallets.

The technique is called digital pick-pocketing.  They simply use a phone app and computer hack in order to scan our information.

It allows the crooks to swipe the data from any card with a built in radio chip (no, not the new security chip technology, but you know it’s only a matter of time until…)   Anyways, these radio chips can emit a frequency up to six inches.

Six inches.  That’s all it takes now for a thief to drain your bank.

You can take extra security measures if your card does emit a frequency.  You can wrap it in tinfoil to match your hat or you can buy a special wallet or slip that prevents those signals from being picked up by an unwanted passerby.

Still, it boils my blood that all it takes for these low-lives to steal our hard-earned money is to wander around a heavily populated area.  That’s it – the app does the rest.   Here’s hoping smartphone makers create a patch that renders these apps completely defunct.

Better yet, reverses the cash flow so all the stolen money goes right back to its rightful owner.

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