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I saw an animal the other day on the Merritt. I was driving to work headed northbound through Westport. It was about 4:30a in the morning. I saw what looked like a dog sprint into the roadway. I hit the brakes and the animal turned and I stared directly into his eyes. His nose was pointed much more than a dog. It wasn’t a dog at all, it was a wolf. As I sped down to about ten miles per hour we stared at each other until I ultimately won the stare-off and he sprinted into the woods. Oh shit, I thought to myself, that was a wolf.

What I didn’t expect to happen was for no one to believe me. My father scoffed at the idea and said that I probably saw a fox. It wasn’t a fox, you know how I know? Because I almost hit one of those this morning. Yes, a fox, it was reddish in color and smaller. It turns out that most of my friends and family think I made up my wolf story. No one believes me.

I don’t understand why people are so skeptical. I see deer daily on the side of the road with their entire family of fawns surrounding them… I’ve sat in traffic while wild turkeys meandered through the cars… and have been caught by surprise when a hawk has swooped down dangerously close to the hood of my car. The Merritt is like a wildlife preserve.

I was actually thinking that we could make extra money for Connecticut by charging admission to our state via the Merritt and call it our Wildlife Tour. Kind of like the safari at Great Adventure in New Jersey. Turns out that not only is the Merritt home to wild animals (and I have to wonder, where do they go during the day to stay hidden from people?) but now farm animals are finding their way onto 95. It was reported last week that a pig had been rescued from I95 in Stratford- How did this little piggy get onto 95? A theory was that he was on his way to the slaughterhouse and jumped off the truck. Now that’s sad- Little did that lil piggy know that he could have been freed if his terrible owner had just taken the Merritt. Then he could have run into the woods and escaped… This little piggy went to the Merritt…

Anyway, so besides a wolf, deer, a coyote, turkeys, hawks, foxes, and a sole pig- What’s the strangest animal you’ve seen on a Connecticut roadway?

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