Hide yo kids, hide yo wife — wolf-dogs are coming. Actually they’re already here and are on a rampage in the Ledyard/North Stonington area.

Here’s what you need to know:


They’ve attacked 2 horses so far



And a bicyclist



And a farmer who shot and killed one



They travel in a pack and “do their rounds”



They’re illegal in Connecticut



There’s about 250,000 wolf-dog hybrids in the United States




One woman who owned dozens of wolf-dogs was apparently eaten by her animals.


Authorities found a human skull and jawbone on her property in Kentucky last year after neighbors reported that she hadn’t been seen for several days.


They look like Ghost from Game of Thrones


The man who shot and killed one said they were all white, weigh about 80 pounds each, had large paws and “bulky, strong” bodies.


images (c) iStockPhoto/Thinkstock | via: courant.com

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