Tired of finding the perfect picture of you looking your absolute hottest for your online dating profile? No need to worry about that anymore (we all know those pictures are at least ten years old anyway).

Thanks to a new study from UConn, you can upload all the pictures of you looking like the troll that you are and actually get some dates.

The University of Connecticut conducted a new study that essentially sounds like real-life Tinder. They put 305 heterosexuals in a room and had them look at profile pictures of the opposite sex. Some of the pics were “beautified” (taken with good lighting, makeup and hair) and some were “relatively normal” (okay lighting, no hair, no makeup), all were of the same people. They were then asked questions to determine the person’s attractiveness, similarity to themselves, trustworthiness and their desire to date the person. 

And guess who came out on top? The women with less makeup and who looked more “normal”. Even though the dudes found the made-up ladies attractive, they were deemed untrustworthy.

Women, apparently, are way more judgmental and went for the “beautified” men all around. Sorry normal looking dudes.

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