Funny thing about this state is that it’s impossible to know all the weird little things that are in it.  I mean, we have our best kept secrets like Diana’s Pool, but I am talking about the downright weird stuff in the state that somehow avoids being on everyone’s radar.

Connecticut is a literal fun bag full of surprise and mystery – just go for a drive and you never know what you’re gonna find.

Like, apparently we have our very own ghost town in Middlesex County.  If you traverse through Moodus, you’ll find this abandoned little town called Johnsonville.  Best part, besides the fact that it’s probably haunted, is that you can buy it.

Yeah.  The entire city of Johnsonville is for sale.

The picturesque 62 acre lot, complete with man-made waterfalls and dams, was originally listed for $3 million and, in 2014, sold for $1.9 million.  Sadly for the seller but lucky for us, the sale fell through.   Now the entire lot is chilling on the market waiting for one of us weirdos to scoop it up and make it pretty again.

A little bit of history: Johnsonville started up in 1832 by the Johnson family and quickly took off as a booming mill community.  The ownership passed through the generations until the 1960s, when eccentric millionaire and owner of AGC Corporation Raymond Schmitt purchased the town.

Gotta hand it to Schmitt, he did his best to turn Johnsonville into a place that everyone could fawn over.  He attempted to turn the area into an attraction, complete with the ultimate church to get married at, so he could share his love of Victorian architecture with the world.  He went as far as transplanting several Victorian-styled buildings from all over New England (including Peru, Massachusetts) to complete its look.  Check out Johnsonville’s official Facebook page to see some of the gorgeous buildings back in the heydays.

The property had several brushes with Hollywood, too.  It made cameos in two movies and one of Billy Joel’s music videos.

Sadly, the property was ultimately deserted for unknown reasons and has stood frozen in time for about 20 years.  Just ripe for the taking.  So, if you know any bored rich people looking for a side project – kindly direct them to Johnsonville, CT!

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