Surprise!  If you thought tequila or vodka would bring a huge smile to your face, think again.  Actually, forget the hard alcohol.  In fact, this lightly alcoholic beverage reigns supreme in the laughs department.

NY Post reports that women felt happiest when drinking white wine.  Yep.  So, if you want to lift your…spirits… put down the red and rose and grab the chardonnay.

For some reason, alcoholic drinks that were more floral or fruity made people happier.

And, of course, the country that actually wanted to find all this out was Spain.

Spanish scientists found that women who drink white wine are the happiest. They had 200 volunteers blindly drink red, white, and rose wine before asking them what feelings they evoked.

Technical University of Madrid also reported:

“Women reported significantly higher scores for joyful when consuming white wines.” Young adults drink wine for reasons related to disinhibition and social status, while older people use it as a social catalyst, to evoke memories and traditions.””

Meaning, age plays a role in how guilty you feel for drinking the following day.   While older participants admitted they drank to remember, younger participants said they drank to forget.

Meanwhile, people like me drink because they want to party and pretend they’re actually decent at singing karaoke.

Although, white wine never convinced me I could sing like Mariah.

Either way, if you need to go to a social function and need something alcoholic to make it more bearable, go for the white wine.  It’s scientifically proven to make you happy.

Before knowing any of this, though, which drink did you normally pick as your poison?

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