Confirmation: YES. It is. And I think all of Connecticut would agree. If I have a hankering for Modern Apizza – I’m getting that pizza NOW.



The video was submitted to by Buffalo, New York resident Jamie who was riding his bike in the bike lane when he came across the police cruiser parked there. But before you jump to any conclusions, Jamie says the exchange with the police officer was “completely cool”.


Just to be clear, the officer was completely cool, respectful, & we each walked away with a better perspective of each other.

This video was meant to raise awareness on cycling & sharing the road. And show how little things drivers think are “no big deal” inconvenience other modes of traffic.”

This particular establishment has a parking lot in the back that is never full, with an entry door also in the back of the building, it would take about two extra seconds to park there, the idea is that many people don’t even think about this stuff, but actually it effects cyclists quite a bit, this part of road is particularly dangerous when cars are double parked. – via YouTube



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