You live in Connecticut, so you definitely know about that new comedy based in Connecticut on ABC.    If you haven’t, well, that’s a rather cozy looking rock you live under.

The Hour reports that citizens of Norwalk really REALLY dislike “American Housewife,” a new sitcom on ABC.  Basically, it takes place in Westport and chronicles a family struggling to fit in.  Because, as you know, everyone in Westport is rich and thin.

Long story short: this middle class family moved to Westport for the public school system.  That’s it.

However, the series regularly takes hits on the neighboring city of Norwalk.  Well, it’s more like they dump a pile of steaming excrement on the city every chance they get.  According to Norwalk.  Especially Andy Ross, who wrote the editorial which started this huge social media fire storm.

The sitcom habitually insults Norwalk by depicting it as white trash.  Basically, the high school boys knock up all the girls, the entire city lacks class and sophistication, and everything there is gross.  Including the non-existent public pool.

After dealing with those repeated attacks, Andy had enough.  He wrote:

“The Oct. 29th episode was the final straw for me. The daughter of the family created a Halloween costume for a party that carried a large balloon under her dress as if she was close to delivering a baby. When her mother saw the costume she asked, “What are you going as?” Her reply was, “I am going as a Norwalk prom girl.”

Also, if you think about it, considering this is a nationally broadcasted sitcom, you’d think the jokes would be a bit more inclusive.  To me, this comes across as a series of elbow rubbing and winking from Westporters.

On top of it, why the repeated attacks on teenagers?  Basically, these grown adults take their cheap shots at children.  And, on top of it, project these biases to the nation to create a cruel reputation.

Look, I don’t live in Norwalk.  However, I spend a lot of my time there either for recreation, work, or because they have bomb Polish delis.  The fact is, this is cheap writing plain and simple.

You don’t base your humor on attacking teenagers and claiming they don’t know how to put on a condom.   You don’t malign an entire city based on such puerile and malicious beliefs.

So, I do side with Andy that the writers are bullies.  They go after the low hanging fruit and, in the process, damage the reputation of a city on a national scale.

But, some people believe that the ABC writers simply exercise their first amendment rights here.  And, yes, they are.  Their speech is technically protected.  But, just because it’s legal doesn’t make it right.

Stop going after the kids of Norwalk.   Because, I think everyone will agree that’s a rather dumb way to elicit a cheap laugh.

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