Talk about timing!!! Earth Day coming up this weekend and a new report took a look at the most polluted and cleanest cities in America. To my surprise (or at this point…not to my surprise) Hartford is one of the cities that received the poorest marks!!

That’s according to the American Lung Association’s “2017 State of the Air” air quality report.

Hartford- West Hartford made the list at Number 21 on its list of the Most Polluted Cities by Ozone. Read the whole list here.

But that’s not all…While there were air quality improvements in certain cities; Connecticut was not on the list for cleanest air cities. In fact it gets much worse. Nearly all of its counties received an”F” grade like Fairfield, Litchfield, Middlesex, New Haven etc. Windham County was the only exception with a grade of “D.” See the list of grades here.

Let’s just add this to the list of reasons to relocate!!

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