Connecticut is in dire need of bragging rights.  Finally, our time has come!  One of the top grocery stores in America happens to be a staple right here in Connecticut.

The 4th best grocery store in the nation is… Stew Leonard’s!  The Daily Meal had some pretty swell things to say about our favorite food store.  Plus, it’s nice when someone piles on the compliments for a non-political achievement.

I mean, did you hear what the New York Times said about Stew’s?  They said it’s the “Disneyland of dairy stores.”  Totally see it.  I mean, besides the array of colorful attractions, all the workers there are Disney levels of nice!  Actually, way nicer than Disneyland workers.  By far.

Still, let’s be real here.  It’s totally awesome to see an ice cream bar the moment you walk in.  Raise your hand if you meandered the twists and turns of the aisle with a milkshake in hand.  Because, let’s face it, that’s what we all do.  Their ice cream is seriously delicious.  It’s impossible to resist!

Also, Daily Meal raved about how Stew’s stocks its stores.  Not a lot of stores can boast about stocking nothing but fresh produce from the family farm.

And, let’s not forget those animatronics!  There’s a new singing attraction at every corner… along with some fresh samples.   We love samples.

We have 1,000 more reasons to pile on the love, but let this SpoonUniversity article do the rest of the talking.

So, a major shout out and congratulations to Stew Leonard’s for putting Connecticut (and, begrudgingly, New York) on the grocery map!

Stew Leonard’s has three locations in Connecticut: Norwalk, Danbury, and Newington.

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