Not sure if this is a new abduction technique or not.  But, in this day in age, it doesn’t hurt to be careful.  Especially if someone asks creepy questions about your kid.  It happened to one local mom and now she’s warning others.

WFSB reports that an older couple pulled over in front of Tracy Graziano, who was playing with her son in front of their Plymouth home.   Graziano’s started feeling on edge when the female occupant of the car told her “Don’t be afraid.”

I’m sorry, that’s the first thing you learn about Stranger Danger.  Beware of people who tell you there’s nothing to be afraid of.  No normal person starts off a conversation like that.  I mean, unless you are somehow Mary and it’s your first meeting with the angel Gabriel. Chances of that happening again are slim to none.

The angels stopped talking to us centuries ago.

So, when a creepy person tells you not to be afraid, you should be.  Self preservation and all that.

Graziano’s first thought was that the couple was asking for directions, since nothing’s all that suspicious about an older couple in an orange/yellow Kia Rio.

But, that assumption turned out to be wrong when the man stepped out of the vehicle and walked up their driveway.  He immediately started complimenting Graziano’s kid.  However, he thought her son was a pretty little girl because the child had long hair.

Again, who gets out of their car to praise a stranger’s child?  That’s what I want to know.  In what world is that considered normal?

So, when Graziano corrected the man, she said the stranger gave her a cold look.  He then accused her of being drunk, claiming that’s why they pulled over.

Obviously, that comment went over real well.

And just like that, the guy got back in the car and sped off.

“Just [because of] the general demeanor, the look on his face, just a very cold look on their face, the strange things that they said,” Graziano told WFSB, that’s why she called police.  Unfortunately, the strangers were long gone by the time police arrived.

Officers swept the area and found nothing.  So, Graziano took matters into her own hands and spread the word on social media about the creepy incident.

Turns out, those people targeted other people besides Graziano. One person claims the same people tried taking their neighbor’s child that same day.  It also happened in the same area.

So, if you live in the Plymouth/Terryville area, keep your kids close until police find out who those people are.

In the meantime, might not be a bad idea to sit with your kids and give them the “stranger danger” talk.  You never know when and if they’re gonna need it.

One prankster (with consent) showed parents in this viral video how easy it is to abduct a child in broad daylight.  All you need is the right incentive for a kid to let their guard down.  Nothing’s more effective than puppies.

It’s sad we live in a world where we have to keep this danger in mind, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.  Crazy how brazen some would-be child kidnappers are.



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