Connecticut is a wasteland in terms of reality TV shows.  It seems every other state has their variant of Real Housewives or trashy teens that drink booze because it’s their job.  Connecticut, though, we have Jerry Springer and People’s Court, and I don’t think the general population is comfortable with the idea of those shows sharing a genre with the Kardashians.

So, maybe it’s a good thing our state was so ridiculously barren in terms of reality show offerings.

Until now.  CT Post reports that Bridgeport PD was offered their very own slot on A&E’s reality cop show, “Live PD.”  It’s a new docuseries that focuses on the day-to-day interactions of police departments around the nation.  The show will run for 8 two-hour episodes and will rely solely on mounted cams, dash cams, car cams, handhelds, and fixed-rig cameras for content.  Body cam footage will not be used as it is intended solely for courtroom use.

And, yes, all the episodes will be shot live, so that means the show is intensely unpredictable.  While Spike’s “COPS” is heavily edited, “Live PD” will be entirely raw. The only editing will come as a 10-second delay on the live feed to avoid capturing disturbing content.  Police officers are also allowed to request that filming stop should a situation escalate.

Host Dan Abrams, alongside Dallas police detectives Rich Emberlin and Kevin Jackson, will provide live commentary as the cameras flip between the six departments.

The objective of this show was to provide Americans with an intimate look with what police officers must go through on the daily. With the birth of the #BlackLivesMatter movement and increased distrust on our nation’s officers, the show is meant to increase transparency and humanize America’s police forces.

Bridgeport will be featured alongside the Tulsa Police Department, Arizona Department of Public Safety, Utah Highway Patrol, Richland County Sheriff in South Carolina, and Walton County Sheriff in Florida’s Panhandle.  You can see all these departments in action this Friday at 9PM.

You can also catch up on episodes HERE


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