Taxes and our roads aside, CT does have some excellent schools.  In fact, one school district is officially a national example.   But, surprising absolutely no one, it’s in Fairfield County.

Stamford Daily Voice reports that New Canaan School District earned “best school district” in the state.  However, by making this list, it’s automatically one of America’s best.

24/7 Wall St conducted the study and found the school district spends over $20,000 per student.  Considering this district enrolls over 4,200 kids… that’s a lot of money.  The exact amount spent per student is $22,023.

That number puts CT high up on the list of the nation’s 50 best school districts. However, considering New Canaan’s high student population, it makes them the district that spends the most on students.  Period.

The study also found a major disparity in funding per student.  While some districts dropped $50,000 per child, some districts only coughed up $2,000.

Also, it found 77.7 percent of its graduates go on to attain bachelor’s degrees.

The survey concluded that districts that spend more money per student see stronger results:

“That difference in spending contributes to major disparities in student outcomes throughout the country. The majority of a school’s budget is spent on staff and teacher salaries. A school that is able to attract the best teachers can give their students a major advantage.”

They found 44 percent of school funding uses local resources, such as property tax.   Therefore, the wealthier the town or city, the better shape their schools were in.  Naturally, that explains why New Canaan topped the list this year.

Households in the area tend to make far above the state’s median income level.

But, besides school spending, 24/7 Wall St looked into other factors to finalize their list.  They also researched student poverty statistics,  AP course enrollment, and teachers per student.  They used several other factors to compile their findings.

Do you think the disparities between Connecticut’s school districts reflect what’s going on nationally?  What kind of school were you sent to?

What should our schools do to make sure every student has an equal opportunity to succeed?

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