To the kids who think drawing that symbol is funny, no one’s laughing.   Actually, no one will even laugh AT you when police eventually knock on your parents’ door.  Drawing a swastika in Connecticut is a very serious offense.

Ridgefield Press reports that, so far this year, five swastikas appeared at Ridgefield High School.  The latest appeared inside a classroom door.  So far, officials discovered three swastikas in the school and two at nearby Ballard Park.  Some incidents also included racial slurs.

First Selectman Rudy Marconi says the town will now work together to catch and condemn the vandals:

“We feel that there’s an undertone in our community that we need to, first, as leaders, begin to address, and hopefully be able to solicit the understanding and compassion of parents to help us become a true community — accepting of everyone.”

Even in 2017, the swastika continues to carry Hitler’s message of hate.  With the rise of Nazis in America to the point of organizing marches, Jewish and repressed minorities feel worried.   Especially since the New York Times attempted to humanize this new breed of Nazi… which failed spectacularly.

Seeing that symbol popping up in a small cheery town raises many alarms.  Especially since this isn’t an isolated incident.  Sure, people argue the work is at the hands of idiot kids.  We all know kids do stupid things.

But, this is different.  Kids learn from an early age what a swastika stands for and why they should never draw it.

And it still begs to differ why the vandals went ahead and drew more after community backlash.  Five in one year is simply abhorrent.  By now, the kids know better.  Maybe they draw these symbols just to aggravate the community.  But, others worry these symbols pop up for darker reasons.

Either way, people worry that more will come.

Marconi went on to say the town reached out to several rabbis on how to proceed.  His overall goal is to “pull the community together.”

Town officials will address the issue tomorrow:

“It’ll start with a program for town and school leaders [on Tuesday] with guest presenters from the Anti-Defamation League, the century-old national organization dedicated to fighting “Anti-Semitism and all forms of hate.”

Already, school administrators and local figureheads received letters concerning the fifth swastika.  So far, 30 people responded, including town department heads and commission members.

Superintendent of Schools Karen Baldwin says she’s deeply troubled this keeps happening.  She knows these actions speak for a small minority of the town, but she doesn’t want to give them a voice.

Instead, she now coordinates with police and other community members to catch the vandals.   She hopes to have answers soon.

As for the Jewish community, they say they refuse to give into fear.  Rabbi David Reiner of Ridgefield’s Congregation Shir Shalom repeated that message loud and clear:

“This is the fifth incident in Ridgefield, and there have been several in Wilton, especially in the past month, as well as in Lewisboro, Redding, and Danbury. … I am actually running out of things to say, which is a statement by itself!  My perception is that our members (and I) are saddened following each incident, and also strengthened in our resolve to be Jewish and proud of our religion and heritage. We are disappointed and sad, but not scared or uneasy.”

Ridgefield police Capt. Jeff Kreitz encouraged those with any information to call the department at 203-438-6531.  They also have an anonymous tip line at 203-431-2345.

So, why do you think this keeps happening?  Is this the work of an idiot kid or do you think they know better?

Also, do you think we’ll ever find out who’s responsible?  And how would you like to see them punished?   Let us know in the comments below.


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